Readings & Integration Packages 

As a psychic and direct channel to the spirit realm, I empower people all over the world with readings that bring clarity, confirmation and alignment. I not only have the ability to connect to inanimate objects and the living - people, animals and plants - it's also common for a reading to be graced with messages from deceased loved-ones.

My guided messages infuse the spiritual and practical, identify blocks and attachments, and help you align with your true purpose and desires. You'll feel confident about using the many innate ways you already know to tap into, build and trust your own intuition.

I provide readings for any area of life but especially love offering guidance on soul/life path, career and finances, familial relationships and past lives.

During a reading, I simply connect to your energy without using tools, ask what area of life you'd like to focus on (although most times it becomes clear as I connect), and deliver the messages as I receive them.


What to Expect

Witnessing someone align to the wholeness they are, is my biggest joy in life - Ms.JDew

How do you know which package is for you?

Book a FREE, 30-minute reading where we explore your options together!

Integration Packages

Sometimes it's simply not enough to know why we feel what we feel, or that we're experiencing an awakening, or that it's time to let go of certain patterns to transform our lives, or even what those patterns are. This is why I created integration packages that go deeper than my other reading offers can. 

These packages include weekly readings, deep energy healing and integration, PLUS accountability and additional one-on-one support from me.

Integration packages are for those with a greater need to evolve past what they've been experiencing in relationships of all kinds, in their careers, finances, etc. who need ongoing support to do so. They're for those feeling stuck on how to live into the next version of themselves that is ready to emerge.

>>>> 3 sessions. 3 weeks. $450

>>>> 6 sessions. 6 weeks. $800 


*available in-person throughout the greater Portland, Oregon area and Seattle, WA on select days. 

(payment plans available)

Each week you'll receive...


>>>> Unlimited email access to me during your package period.

>>>> One 30-minute follow-up reading for just $50, after your package period ends.

A Skype or Zoom reading to identify areas that require deeper healing.

When experiencing a transformation on any level, it's common for unexpected blocks and vibrational dissonances to show themselves along the way. This reading is a way to check in with where you are and with the progress being made. 

Energy healing to shift, release and restore.

Some of the blocks, fears and patterns we experience have been ongoing for years, lifetimes even, and some are rooted in our biggest life lessons. They require a deeper dedication to the untangling, which this component of your integration package will provide.

For energy healing, my approach is completely intuitive, which means I offer what YOU need specifically, using a combination of tools which includes visualization and energy healing techniques, and short exercises we do together.


Guided steps to take and accountability.

It's very common that I receive guided steps for others to take, sort of like homework that assists in aligning with your Higher Self and evolving the aspects of life you're ready to. With integration packages, you'll have my support to ensure you follow through with your weekly "assignments."




Coming Soon

I'm hard at work transmitting a new energy activation technique that utilizes the energy of the planets and our 12 main chakras to help us integrate and maintain energetic upgrades, restore vibrational harmony, and in many ways completely reconfigure our DNA. Soon it will be available through my integration packages.

How do you know which package is for you?

Book a FREE, 30-minute reading where we explore your options together!

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